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Passionate About Helping Leaders Build a Great Employer Brand

Colette is the founder of ADVANCE Human Capital. She has 28 years of hands-on leadership experience in delivering HR Solutions across North America. Colette began her career as a technical recruiter placing IT contractors for many of the fortune 500 companies in Canada. She has designed and built efficient recruiting infrastructures, managed recruiting teams and has developed and activated innovative Employer Brand and Recruitment strategies under well known National and International brands such as Workopolis, Bradson Technology and Modis International. Prior to following her dream as an entrepreneur, Colette led the Canadian division of TMP Worldwide, an International Recruitment Marketing, Advertising and SaaS based technology organization and the largest Recruitment Media Buyer across the Globe.

As a recruiter who began her career in the 80’s, Colette has personally witnessed and experienced the evolution of this ever-changing industry. Back then – recruiters relied on building a Rolodex, generating names through referrals and placing print ad’s in newspapers and industry journals to source talent.

Fast-forward to 2017 where the entire recruitment process has been digitalised with a large focus on online job boards, advertising, social media, mobile apps, career sites and recruiting cloud-based software. If the new digital world was to make recruiting easier and more efficient, then why do so many organizations continue to struggle to attract, engage and retain talent. Because often companies are not taking a holistic approach to their hiring strategy.

As a Certified Employer Brand Professional and Certified Leadership and Talent Management Consultant, Colette brings that holistic approach and unique perspective to the world of Talent Acquisition.  It's Colette's mission to help make every company she works with Awesome by enabling her clients to hire the best possible talent to achieve their short and long term business objectives. Colette wholeheartedly believes the strength of an organization is solely based on two things - the strength of the people they hire and the committment they make to creating an engaging workplace.

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