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Social Media Recruitment Marketing is a strategy that every employer must leverage in this day and age. Many companies think they're 'on social'  if they have a Facebook profile,  a LinkedIn Recruiter license or they tweet their jobs from time to time. Sure that's being on social but it's not Social Media Recruitment Marketing.

Building a Social Media Recruitment Strategy can be overwhelming. You first need to know who your target audience is and what their wants, needs and desires are. You need to create and publish consistent content that's going to get their attention and create an emotional connection with your Employer Brand. Often it's the latter that recruiting struggles with. But not anymore!

30 Days of Content Ideas to connect with an Untapped Talent Pool

An interesting mix of content is what triggers people to want to follow you, like you and share your blog or posts.  It's important you create and publish authentic and engaging content that will resonate with your target audience and followers. A blend of content that promotes your Corporate and Employer brand will not only increase your followers and will build a pipeline of future talent that already loves your brand. But - if you're like many companies, you're probably thinking you don't have the time, money and resources to invest in building a social media strategy. Today that's going to change because we want to help with this proven tool!

Here's a 30 Day Social Media Recruitment Marketing Cheat Sheet to kick-start or refresh your strategy. With some planning and collaboration with your colleagues, you can have a solid social presence in no time and getting you in front of talent that you are overlooking.

The Cheat Sheet provides you with:
  • 30 days of content ideas to build and promote your Employer Brand story
  • The best times to publish content on social networks to get noticed
  • 12 tips and tricks to get your Social Recruitment Marketing Strategy launched and attracting a new pool of talent in no time


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