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In today’s competitive job market, attracting and retaining talent is essential for business success. At Advance, we specialize in crafting tailored Employer Branding Solutions to meet your unique needs, whether you’re a large enterprise or a nimble SME. Our holistic approach is guided by our award-winning 6-phase methodology, ensuring your employer brand not only resonates with your desired talent but also aligns with their aspirations.

Join us on this transformative journey, where your employer brand serves as both a magnet for attracting talent and a stronghold for retaining your valuable employees. It’s the path where ideal candidates uncover their perfect work-life, and your existing team members flourish in their careers.

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Crafting Your Employer Brand Strategy

At Advance, our employer branding strategy begins with exhaustive research. We delve into your existing materials, conduct brand and competitor audits, facilitate executive discovery sessions, interview managers, and host focus groups. This comprehensive approach distills into a detailed findings report, highlighting your organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and risks. It culminates in a tailor-made strategy and action plan, designed to forge an employer brand that truly reflects your organization’s ethos and one you can take pride in.


Here at Advance, we don’t just define your Employee Value Proposition (EVP); we enrich it with tangible proof points that resonate at every candidate and employee interaction. Through meticulous research and precise validation of your unique employer attributes, we align your EVP with the evolving expectations of your target audience. Our approach goes beyond mere definition, focusing on substantiating your brand’s claims, thereby enhancing your reputation as an employer of choice. This strategy positions your brand effectively in the job market, ensuring you attract and retain the right talent through a well-founded, authentic EVP.


Beyond words, Advance brings your brand to life through compelling imagery, essential for capturing attention and conveying complex ideas effectively. Our creative concepts not only capture audience interest but also influence emotional responses, inspiring engagement, and action. We offer a range of designs, ensuring the final employer brand identity aligns perfectly with your brand personality and resonates with your target audience. This process includes validation sessions, making your brand identity not just visually appealing, but also emotionally connecting with employees and ideal candidates.



Advance ensures your EVP is more than a statement — it’s a practice. Our internalization phase guarantees consistency in message, actions, and behaviors both within and outside your organization. Through our Internal Launch Plan, we make your EVP common knowledge among existing employees. Customized Brand Ambassador Workshops empower your team to embody and advocate the brand’s core values, while Stakeholder Information Sessions align leadership and departments with your brand narrative. The Employer Brand Playbook becomes your bible for maintaining brand integrity, guiding day-to-day decisions, and behaviors, ensuring that your EVP is truly lived and breathed across all facets of your organization.


The internal launch is the cornerstone of your external employer brand strategy. At Advance, we recognize that for employees to truly embrace and champion the EVP, it must be vivid and relatable. A successful internal launch elucidates the ‘why’, the connection to the organization’s mission, and the personal benefits for the employees. By integrating the EVP into key employee touch points, we ensure a cohesive message that employees can live by, transforming them into genuine brand ambassadors. Our role is to craft compelling communications and create impactful brand assets that align with your new brand identity, guaranteeing a seamless introduction of your employer brand within the company and fostering a culture of advocacy from the inside out.



We tailor your Recruitment Marketing Strategy around the specific personas of your target audience, ensuring your message hits the mark every time. We blend digital prowess with traditional know-how, creating a strategy that not only draws attention but also engages and attracts the high-quality talent you seek. Our approach is informed by rich data analytics and deep insights into media preferences, delivering a plan that speaks directly to the candidates you need. With your Custom Recruitment Marketing Playbook in hand, your team will have the clarity and direction to promote your brand with the right messaging, in the right place, at the right time and present your organization as the top choice for talent.


To truly captivate job seekers, content must resonate on a personal level, reflecting not just the essence of your EVP and brand identity but also speaking directly to the aspirations of your target talent. Advance specializes in crafting content that does more than inform—it connects and captivates. We create narratives that are uniquely tailored, ensuring each piece aligns with your EVP and reaches the heart of what your ideal candidates are searching for. It’s this personalized approach that transforms interest into emotion, and emotion into action, leading talent on a journey from mere awareness to a deep-seated desire to be part of your team.


At Advance, we believe in the power of tailored benchmarks to steer your employer brand toward unprecedented success. Our approach begins by establishing custom benchmarks, unique to your organization, right from the onset of our collaboration. Working closely with you, we define realistic quarterly and annual goals, ensuring each step aligns with your overarching business objectives. For 12 months post-launch, we deliver precise, quarterly recommendations, fostering continual refinement and growth of your employer brand. Our strategy is anchored in thorough measurement and optimization, guaranteeing that your brand consistently resonates with shifting market trends and meets your business goals.

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