AI-Powered Employer Branding Mastery Program

Embark on a transformative journey with Advance's Employer Branding Mastery Program, where you don't just learn our award-winning methodology, but actively apply it to build a solid foundation for your employer brand. This comprehensive 8-week live online course, uniquely blends hands-on training with Generative AI, covering the full spectrum of employer branding and recruitment marketing - from strategy development to activation to brand reputation management. You'll learn not just to craft impactful strategies, but you'll also create personalized EVP content aligned to each target talent, build employee advocacy programs, and continually optimize your brand. Tailored for solo practitioners, small teams, and resource-limited companies, the program empowers you to masterfully transform your employer brand using human intelligence and AI, setting new professional standards.

Spring Program Starts April 9, 2024

Program Overview

Upon Graduation, You'll Have Expertise To:

  • Transform your People Strategy into tangible talent acquisition goals
  • Conduct thorough evaluations of your employer brand and compared to competitors
  • Analyze employer branding metrics to identify strengths, opportunities and improvements
  • Build a strong case for employer branding investments
  • Develop a resonant, evidence-backed Employer Value Proposition (EVP)
  • Design a unique visual brand identity to stand out in the market
  • Establish guidelines and playbooks for consistent employer branding
  • Implement internal communication strategies to embody your EVP
  • Formulate a targeted recruitment marketing strategy with our echo-system method
  • Integrate your EVP into all candidate interactions
  • Craft a social media and content marketing strategy to bolster your employer brand
  • Transform employees into brand ambassadors
  • Conduct comprehensive training for living your brand promise inside and out
  • Continually optimize your branding and marketing based on data and results
  • Proactively manage and safeguard your employer brand reputation
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Stacey Smith, HR Partner

Colette's training and coaching in employer branding and recruitment marketing have been pivotal in my career growth. Her teachings on crafting a unique Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and tailoring it to diverse target audiences have significantly enhanced my skills. Under Colette's guidance, I've mastered creating impactful, resonating content, leading to successful digital and social campaigns and transformative changes in our recruitment strategy.

Tanya Taylor, Recruitment Manager

Colette's training has significantly elevated my employer branding skills. Her coaching on conducting effective branding interviews and identifying our unique EVP pillars was instrumental in competing for top talent. She showed me how to translate our EVP pillars into impactful content like our 'Day In The Life' videos, which reached 30,000 views in under a month. Colette's approach provides a step-by-step model, that's empowered me to confidently build our brand and stand out from the competition.

Why Choose Advance's Employer Branding Mastery Program

Embarking on a journey with Advance's Employer Branding Mastery Program offers a unique, transformative experience. This program isn't just a course; it's an investment in mastering advanced methodologies and skills, setting you apart in the dynamic world of employer branding. Here are key reasons why choosing this program is a game-changer:

Reasons to Choose Advance Employer Branding Mastery

Award-Winning Industry Expertise: Master the exact methodology and techniques that have shaped the employer brands of leading organizations. This isn't just knowledge; it's industry recognition in action.

Practical, Deep-Dive Training: Move beyond theories into tangible action plans. From crafting compelling EVPs to dynamic brand activation, you'll learn every step with a hands-on approach.

Lifetime Access for Continuous Advancement: Stay perpetually at the forefront of employer branding trends with lifetime access to our evolving program content and group coaching calls.

Exceptional Value for High ROI: Access comprehensive training that spans the entire spectrum of employer branding and recruitment marketing—a skill set that could cost organizations over $80,000, now at your fingertips.

Future-Proof Your Skills with AI Integration: Be ahead of the curve by blending AI insights into your employer branding strategies, ensuring your career thrives in a fast-evolving professional landscape.

  • 8-Week Live Online Program
  • 5 extensive Employer Branding modules
  • Access to our program portal including toolkits, playbooks, templates, best practices, case studies, and more
  • A private community where you’ll receive support and guidance from experts and the accountability of fellow like-minded professionals
  • Lifetime access to our on-demand program and all future updates, weekly coaching calls when you need them, program portal, and private community
  • Award Winning Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing Methodology Curriculum
  • Led by Colette O'Neill, Advance's Chief Employer Branding Strategist and Founder
  • First Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing Online Program integrating AI
  • Training on AI tools and platforms throughout the employer branding continuum
  • Ethical practices in the use of AI
  • Virtual Classroom and Interactive Structure
  • Advance's Employer Branding AI Mastery Program Certification
  • Digital Certificate
  • Digital Social Proof Badge
  • Exclusive Private Community
  • Gain privileged access to a curated library of AI tools and platforms

Who is the program for

Who Is The Program For?

Our Employer Branding Mastery Program is ideal for professionals like Employer Branding Managers, Talent Acquisition Specialists, and HR Professionals, focusing on enhancing employer branding and recruitment marketing with AI integration. Suitable for individuals and small teams, it provides the skills to develop effective brand strategies and align internal and external messaging. This streamlined program is a practical tool for boosting recruitment and branding efforts in any resource-conscious organization.

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