Define or Refresh Your EVP in 1 Day

ADVANCE provides a unique Employer Value Proposition (EVP) Development Workshop that delivers your Brand Promise, Position and Personality in just 1 day.

Our workshop combines our ADVANCE expertise and your key stakeholders and selected Top Talent. It's all organized for you, there's no homework to do and we even provide a healthy breakfast and lunch to fuel a productive, fun, memorable and results oriented day.

Workshop Overview

Starting and completing an Employer Brand project can often take months, if not years depending on the size and geographic reach of an organization. When a company is conducting business in multiple countries for example, there are local and cross-cultural differences that need to be taken into consideration when defining your employer brand and value proposition. This can become very complex and time consuming with multiple stakeholders all vying for a strong voice in your final brand positioning and promise. It's this type of scenario where hiring an ADVANCE Employer Brand Consultant, will be well worth your investment.

But not all companies have the budget nor the need to engage in a lengthy employer brand exercise. It’s for this reason ADVANCE created a unique Employer Brand Workshop. Our 1 Day Workshop is led and facilitated by Colette O’Neill, who is a certified Employer Branding Professional and the founder of ADVANCE Human Capital.

The Employer Brand Workshop is restricted to you and your employees and is personalized to your company. The structure of the workshop follows the integrity of the Employer Branding Academy's World Class Employer Value Proposition (EVP) Development Methodology. You and your chosen internal stakeholders will participate in a productive and fun day filled with group activities and exercises that will lead to the development of a recommended EVP.

By the end of the workshop participants will have:

  • Created a short list of potential EVP attributes supported by key insights
  • Defined your employer brand promise to employees and what you expect from them
  • Identified your strengths and realistic aspirations
  • Identified gaps and opportunities to strengthen your employer brand to achieve business objectives
  • Uncovered where you are similar, different and unique to your key talent competitors
  • Defined your desired brand personality
  • Aligned on core brand positioning options


Employer Brand Workshop

Employer Brand Workshop


The Benefits of ADVANCE's Brand Workshop

  • Facilitated and led by an experienced and certified Employer Branding Professional
  • Less time consuming for HR and employees compared to more traditional methods of EVP development
  • A more balanced EVP because of the diverse group of participants
  • No pre-work for participants -  just show up with an open mind
  • Group participants will champion your Employer Brand as co-creators of your EVP
  • Team bonding and collaboration with cross-departmental colleagues
  • 80% of your Employer Brand and EVP will be defined in 8 hours and ready for validation and final approval
  • High quality and cost effective

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