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You have a phenomenal recruitment team but would love advice and guidance from time to time. Get access to a Talent Strategist.


Not attracting and engaging the caliber of talent you need to grow your business. Let us find out why and what you can do about it.


Do you want to better compete for top talent? Well you absolutely can and we have the blue-print to get you there.


How do you know which Digital, Social and Mobile Channels will get you in front of the right audience? Well we sure do and we can show you how.


Don’t go unnoticed with your target audience. We bring your brand to life through creative, authentic and engaging content.

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The essence of Colette’s style comes from her genuine passion, commitment and understanding of the recruitment industry. She is one who makes a lasting impact on individuals as she is an excellent advisor and a delight to deal with. She delivers with great integrity, and is able to see the bigger picture whilst providing valuable insight. I have always found Colette to be sincere, incredibly helpful, and reliable. I trust Colette implicitly, therefore I have called upon her expertise myself on several occasions. She is outstanding in her field.

Deborah Whelan-Payne Talent Acquisition Partner, PHAI

Colette and her team were true professionals and were always responsive to our requests. Under Colette’s leadership, the team took a client centered approach by thoroughly understanding our business, needs and unique challenges. They built creative and results driven recruitment media strategies and campaigns to achieve our hiring goals. With Colette’s high ethics, personable approach and wealth of knowledge in Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing, our vendor relationship shifted to a Trusted Advisor partnership. I looking forward to working with Colette again in the future.

Kelly Glass
Kelly Glass Vice President and Head of HR, CPA Ontario

We have been fortunate to have known Colette since 2010. We have always found her to be a trusted expert with a wealth of knowledge in many areas, notably employer branding development and activation. We are very lucky to have her operating as an extension of our RPO consulting team. Colette “gets it”. She knows that Clients need tangible measurable solutions and she provides a winning practical approach that clients love.

Meryl Rosenthal
Meryl Rosenthal President, HirePower